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Happy to bump into this old thread and feel that I am not alone. I too noticed a lot of similarities between Vertigo and Chandramukhi (Manichithrathazhu). In vertigo the heroine, Mrs. Elster is supposed to be taken by the spirit of Carlotto Valdes (a Mexican lady who settled in US in previous century and was misused by her husband and finally died). Elster ...


From the word of god himself, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, god's employer said so: DEADLINE: Even though this is a crossover that occurs mainly on the CBS, are we going to see any reference to it on The Flash? KREISBERG: Yes, you’ll actually see the moment when Barry went on this experience and when he came back, for sure, in Tuesday’s ...


The exact description of this event is seen on: Bugs Bunny - Duck! Rabbit, Duck! @ 2:55


He's not referencing a specific cartoon, but rather the trope of cartoon missiles or rockets being pointy a lot of the time, characters simply possessing sooty faces after encountering them, and occasionally becoming angels with harps. These happen a lot in cartoons, and the only specific ones mentioned in that conversation are Popeye (by name) and this: ...


I think they are from the arcade game Nibja Kids and Lady Lisa looks to be based off the main character from an old taito arcade game called Legend of Kage.

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