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It appears the crime is his own creation. Extension searching hasn't unearthed any movies that are being referenced here and it doesn't appear in any cast interviews. It seems far more likely that the crime is just another example of the bizarre nature of Dwight, which is evident throughout the entire series.


To my understanding he didn't mean anything specific. He and his team "The Guardian of the Galaxy" can be considered anti-heroes as all of them have a very dubious past engaging in criminal activities. So his phrase at the end was meant to show that as they are not always the "good guys" they were going to do either a good or a bad deed after their adventure ...


The dog may also be a metaphore for his job and the firm (or at least the team) that he is running. Rogers is a compassionate character who cares about the work, but is not afraid to take hard decisions. His speech at the end shows that he recognises what he has done. The film focuses on his moral choices. The dog is a selfish indulgence - he spends a ...


Antoine Fuqua and Gerard Butler both discussed this in a video interview, showing they were definitely aware of the Die Hard connection and they both loved Bruce Willis' works. In fact, they viewed it as the daddy of all action films. Paraphrasing from the interview, they both drew distinct differences between Die Hard and Olympus Has Fallen, discussing how ...

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