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As per TV/Film standard much of the technical details are based in reality but only loosely. Many of the overall terms are appropriate but their use is exaggerated in terms of power and time-to-use. Certainly the first scene on episode 1 where he 'shops in' the pornographer would be perfectly easy to execute as would be the 'phone hack' when he calls up the ...


When I saw the film I took it to have been inspired by Mail Rail. This is the system under London that used to carry mailbags between the major rail termini and the Sorting Office at Mount Pleasant. This was originally a pneumatic system: but later became a driverless electric railway - and no longer pneumatic: The system was closed a few years ago ...


As per my theory which is based on this answer, this link and this video For the sake of entertainment, the makers of the movie clubbed together two different epiphanies to make the story more thrilling. There is a possibility that John's answer is correct and this is what (consistencies) the machine really tried to find out before the moment of ...


Vincent had the chance to kill max. I'm sure he has an extra bullets to reload his gun, but what for? He's dying anyway. It only shows vincent's sportsmanship. An act of a professional.

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