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In my opinion even if it gives some "feeling" of a foul play there is no hard proof, so if media pick that up it would only be a speculation. It would surely have some negative effect, but not strong enough to matter. I think knowing Frank we may safely assume that he took that into account when planning the whole thing.


It's just a goof, or a deliberate disregard to reality in order to make a fun movie. Here's a few relevant facts from the goof section on IMDB Ben, Abigail and Riley follow a clue from the engraving of Independence Hall on the $100 bill. Noting the time on the clock in the tower and following the shadow of the tower to a spot on a wall. In reality the ...


You do not twirl up and out of a tornado, the winds cannot take you up that far. Yes, they can throw you a distance from where you originally began. The most likely case is being tossed around in all kinds of directions, with debris flying by you. Despite all the movies about tornados sucking people up, the real fact is that the winds from the tornado will ...


You have to keep in mind that while movies often have the motivation to depict reality and a realistic story in a realistic way, they still are in many respects subject to a certain degree of explicitness upto hyperbole, as is the acting of the cast. So in this viewpoint, the actor actually saying "Hello?" even though hearing the obvious "death-tone" is a ...

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