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Check the credits for any job called 'Story Editor' or similar - a friend of mine is one for many UK Reality TV shows and it's a pretty good indication that either the words/ideas that are on screen are planned or that the real goings-on have been crafted to tell a planned narrative.


David Rupel explains: Just like scripted television, writing and producing go hand in hand. The majority of my reality credits are for producing, not writing, but I'm always using my skills as a storyteller. For example, when Monica and Chandler slept together on Friends, it was referred to as a "plot twist." When the tribes didn't merge as ...


Every single "Reality TV" show is scripted to some degree. There is just no way to effectively follow someone around 24/7 and hope to capture some drama somewhere, so in order to be cost-effective that drama must be created via scripts. Some, like Pawn Stars, are obvious because some of the "actors" are horrible at acting. The only potential exception to ...

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