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I've worked on the implementation of automatic guided forklifts which travel around facilities by following low-frequency signals sent through wires in the floor. The wire needed to be within about an inch of the surface of the floor for reliable guidance; in an outdoor scenario with unpaved roads, an unprotected wire close enough to the surface to offer ...


Accoring to this article from the BBC; Our best estimate after calculating plane speed, car speed and simultaneous action sequences is that the runway is 18.37 miles (29.6km) long. Which is still very long when you consider the longest paved runway in the world is the Qamdo Bamda airport in China, at around 3.5 miles (5.6km). The full article goes into ...


I can do three.comes naturally.trying to see if can do four-but yeah scares the hell out of people.only short time,somewhat long


Based on the Talking Dead after the episode, they cleared up what happened. The bullet glanced Carl, and chips from shattering bone provided secondary damage to the eye. No internal penetration of the bullet. No brain trauma. Period. So none of the gunshot to the brain statistics matter. "The bullet kind of catches that bone as it comes down right ...


Absolutely, most cultural specific churches (Greek Orthodox, Armenian, etc) also have "schools" for teaching Language and traditions to 2nd generation children to assure they continue to be recognized and celebrated.

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