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I think he may have been alluding to his scars. He takes his mask off right when he says "..stranger." and then smiles and gets up. Maybe he was saying that though he wasn't killed when he was deformed, it did make him "stranger" in a sense.


She talks about our consciousness (a state of awareness, a state of matter) that is immortal and it never dies after death. She proves that at the end of the movie by ascending into heaven (higher planes of existences) when she becomes omnipresent cosmic consciousness (Ultimate Human, Universe itself, enlightened being, a godlike being) by being fully ...


Hmmm well civilization wouldn't define the tribe that was the one that Jaguar Paw lived in, but rather the conquering Mayans with temples, sacrifices, forced slavery, and sport killings. In other words there were two sides of the natives shown in the movie, the hunter gatherer types and the city state civilization type. One was altruistic, family, ...


In law of conservation energy - Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form. Our life force is some kind of energy stuck in a mortal body. The body can be destroyed but the life force cannot. Our life force only transform into a being, living on another plane of existence where body is not needed. Either that is life after death or ...


I bet it had something to do with her consciousness never really disappearing. My interpretation is that, in the movie, bodies are mortal. They die. But a person's consciousness, their awareness and ability to interact with the physical universe, is timeless and is not tied to the mortal body they inhabit for a while. (That's just my guess. The movie was ...


..all the sand is at the bottom of the hour glass Time has run out. An hourglass contains sand that runs from the top to the bottom over a fixed period of time. ⌛


No details were ever given in the show, but the implication was that Gus was part of the Pinochet government in Chile. See for confirmation this interview with the actor who played Gus: http://seriable.com/breaking-bad-giancarlo-esposito-reveals-gus-backstory-that-might-still-come-to-light/ which includes this: Gus was probably a guy who was a General ...

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