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I don't think Tarantino has ever explained, so all you'll find are attempts at an explanation, like this one: But after reading the script several times, I have come to the conclusion that Tarantino, whether he intended it or not, hit upon nonlinearity as the only way he could tell one particular storyline in the script, the tale which comprises ...


From Quora (bolded is mine): The chronology of the film is structured to prevent audiences from realizing that the end of the film is really the middle and near the middle is really the end. By Jon Mixon [The nonlinear plot] serviced the experience of the film and further engaged the audience...The audience was engaged by jumping back and forth, ...


Tarantino is famous for his tributes to other movies and genres: it is most likely, a tribute to himself and his previous movie Resevoir dogs, in which the story is not told in chronologial order, but jumps back and forth in time (in that case it was an hommage to old noir movies, such as Kubrick's The killing). He does the same in Kill Bill.

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