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The average non-drug using viewer wouldn't know the difference between the effect caused by cocaine [and] heroin But they should, because the movie shows you, and that's what this scene is for. The very first scene of the film is Vincent and Jules, and Vincent is talking quite fast and it's mostly just small-talk and banter, but we can easily see he's ...


It's kind of a rumour actually. Maybe the rumour was spread to cover the actual purpose of Marcellus throwing Antwan off the window. So I think it is made up.


In my opinion, the answer is "certainly not". The Pulp fiction wiki for Mia & the Kill Bill wiki for Beatrix Kiddo state no connection at all. In spite of that there is large difference in the two characters as well. Mia Wallace is a heroin addict whereas there is no indication anywhere that Beatrix uses any kind of drugs. The character that Mia Wallace ...

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