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I've felt that it is not so much the overview of the damage as much as it symbolizes the damage itself. The reason he keeps it in the drawer is because he doesn't want to remember the damage. However, it is impossible to just drop that altogether


Well, I've got this, It's a poster called: Musten Baba (poster work on paper) I think it's a guru named Musten Baba; it's from 1968. It was produced by a company called Berkeley Bonaparte. I think it might have been a poster used by Frank Zappa (source) additional source


From appearances, and the way he constantly fishes pieces out of his mouth and puts them on his plate and picks his teeth, and also according to online sources (like here and here), it's a horrible, cold piece of leftover steak which he was eating before he passed out drunk. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be in the script, where circumstances are a bit ...

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