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it is most likely something added by directors as a sort of gag or joke sometimes they do that if any of those scenes were filmed in October it could have to do with breast cancer maybe? most of the movie is dark and has little color so it could be to add some different color then gray and black. but I'm positive it wasn't to make the movie more accurate.


You got it right, they are using fake in most cases due to law restriction. But some times they took the scene frame from old movie or videos from net, make modifications as per their requirements. Also sometimes for few money parents allow the camera man shoot the scene and people use mask for that frame. As there were not sound effects for that frame, it ...


A reporter from the Guardian investigated this. You cannot use newborns because actors need to be a member of SAG, and you can only become a member if you're 15 days old. “Our initial intention with Knocked Up was to film a live birth, but we found out we couldn’t because the baby, by virtue of not being born yet, couldn’t be a member of SAG. So we ...


Yes. Sean Connery drives a Mustang down the Las Vegas strip in 1971's Diamonds are Forever. See this post on the cars of James Bond for a description of the scene. Connery also gets taken for a ride in a Mustang in Thunderball in a scene taking place in the Bahamas.


The painted mural over Jane's bedroom has the exact color and looking bear as the one that fell in Walt's pool. It's a direct reference to his part in Jane's death and those of the airplane passengers.

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