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Aluminium plate rings, used for separating dinner plates between plating up & serving; keeps the food warmer for longer. Plate rings have a characteristic bottom lip which will 'hook' over the plate beneath, & sloped or slightly curving sides, to meet the moulded ring on the underside of the plate stacked above, preventing slippage. They may have ...


It's a painting by Greek-American artist Lucas Samaras titled The Collectors from 1985, oil on canvas. He's one of the artists in the end credits and you can find the painting in several websites like this one and this one.


The script refers to them as "rings" CUT TO: INT. HOTEL - KITCHEN - M.L.S. JACK moves forward in kitchen. He sweeps coffee pot off table onto floor. CAMERA TRACKS BACK before him. He kicks coffee pots on floor, then sweeps rings off stove onto floor. He kicks rings as he leaves kitchen, moving into corridor. CAMERA TRACKS BACK before ...


Sounds like a United States Cavalry guidon: Cavalry guidons [...] are horizontally divided, scarlet over white, with troop letters and squadron/regimental numbers in white and scarlet, but no branch insignia. So Wikipedia's example would indicate Troop 1, Squadron C: And the flag in the movie would indicate Troop 3, Squadron A. Apparently this ...


From my admittedly passing interest in this same subject I can point out a few things I found interesting on this subject. Links to articles for further reading at bottom. The main chinese sword is a single edged combat weapon the Dao. Used effectively in almost all sword period wars including fighting the Huns and WW2. The two edged sword the Jian was ...


According to this answer to the question Why does House have an old TV in his office? There is no particular significance to any item in his office or apartment


In order to make the fight more exciting and acrobatic Wobbly swords were used. As these sword are thin and flexible in order facilitate the movements,for the FAST movements and create like a force-field around yourself according to Chinese wordplay,speed of the sword has to do a lot and this was only possible with a light, thin and flexible sword with good ...

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