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TL;DR: it's a mail bag and it's there to identify it as 'friendly' to planes. I thought for sure it was a captured Nazi flag, but finding the same thing on other tanks suggests otherwise. What follows is highly speculative about what it is and why it's there but IMO, it draws reasonable correlations; history buffs might know better. Mail bag: ~1h:19m : ...


Costume designer Mark Bridges explained: “It was in the original material, the book by Matthew Quick. It really sums up that working-class world, and also [Cooper’s character’s] dedication to try to get back into shape to win his life back by any means necessary—even by looking ridiculous and causing complete humiliation to the whole family by ...


The name at the bottom appears to read "Jim Danger Distillery". Probably a spoof on Jim Beam Distillery which makes a Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.


The device in film is called an Eye Iron. Its purpose is to reduce swelling, and yes it is cooled on ice prior to application. The job of the guy that does this in the fighting ring is called Cutman.


The glasses Tom Hardy wears in the film are French Amor Browline Glasses. I have a pair of these myself and they are exactly the same as the ones in the film 'Legend'.

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