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On the wall in the living room of Leonard and Sheldon's apartment is an antique fuse holder with fuses. This odd item was the subject of much discussion by fans who couldn't work out what it was. Eventually, someone identified it on Twitter. Here's the link of Big Bang theory wiki page. Look closely, each row has a fuse connected from the left to ...


Because of powdered milk's resemblance to cocaine and other drugs, powdered milk is sometimes used in film-making as a non-toxic prop that may be inhaled. Other methods listed on nypost.com are - “It’s usually cornstarch, but you have to put a bit of baby powder into it, because starch is too sticky and heavy,” says Gillian Albinski, the property ...


I didn't watch Skyfall, but some of googling gives me this picture which says its Q10. Its part of Wild and Wolf's Scrabble mug collection. Each ceramic mug features one Scrabble letter on the front and the official Scrabble letter distribution chart on the back.(Source) Available for purchase on ebay, amazon and wildandwolf.com. Here is images for the ...


I remember talking at some stage to a makeup artist from a film set - they had spring-loaded syringes where the actual needle would retract into the body of the syringe - this way they get a realistic pucker effect where the needle presses against the skin


The Pontiac Aztek has something of a reputation. A bad one. It was Pontiac's failed attempt at making a crossover model: a midway model between a minivan, a pickup truck, and a full SUV. The public hated it, and it sold poorly. To add insult to injury, it consistently finds itself included in lists of the world's ugliest cars. So it was the perfect car to ...


When Sherlock says "This is low tar", Mycroft replies "Well, you barely knew her". This reenforces the idea that the cigarette is a way of coping with the loss - he didn't know her that well, so he doesn't need a strong cigarette.


The statue Hank receives from one of his colleagues is that of Jesús Malverde. Jesús Malverde is the patron saint of drug dealers. Hes not recognised by the catholic church but is very popular among some cultures especially Mexico. The agents keep the statue in order to get into the mindset of the drug cartels. This fits in the phrase of 'know your enemy'. ...


From the Visual Companion to The Cabin in the Woods: Some stuff had to get cut from the monster rampage sequence at the end. The Angry Molesting Tree, which you can glimpse in the elevator in one scene, got much more molest-y in another shot, which might wind up as a DVD extra. Also, one of Goddard's favorite monsters was Kevin, a sweet-looking guy who ...


Showing Tony's infatuation with Hot Rods is a very efficient storytelling tool. And through show-not-tell you can immediately deduce that: Tony loves to tinker with machines. Lives life in the fast lane. Has oodles of money (and time) to spare on pet projects. He has a very obsessive (and possessive) personality. All of these are core to the character of ...


According to IMDB, "his characters often feature the color purple", including the following: Mitch Hennessy wore a purple-violet gem ring in The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Mr. Glass wore purple clothing in Unbreakable (2000) Jackson chose to have Doyle Gipson wear a purple hat in Changing Lanes (2002) Mace Windu, upon request by Jackson to George Lucas, ...


Stage Money To create the illusion of massive wads of cash, TV and film producers don't take real $100 bills and put them on the front and back of a stack of $1 bills (or even just pieces of paper cut to size) but instead use fake bills. This is also seen any time where the character shows a bunch of bills. Rather than going to the bank ...


I presumed that it was just Mycroft and John Watson's way of telling whether Sherlock was badly affected by the news of her death. I think in the original A.C.D. stories, Sherlock Holmes does seem to have a tendency to fall into what we would now call depression and even that he has tendencies towards manic-depression. In the original stories he is also a ...


The vintage, collectors edition Mickey Mouse watch was a gift from Langdon's parents on his 10th Birthday. As per the book, Langdon has not owned any other watch after that. Quoting directly from the book: Although its juvenile dial often drew odd looks, Langdon had never owned any other watch; Disney animations had been his first introduction to the ...


Pink Teddy Bear is an homage to the film Schindler's List, in which the color red is used to distinguish a little girl in a coat. Television critic Myles McNutt has called it "a symbol of the damage [Walter] feels responsible for. (source:Wikipedia) So the Pink Teddy Bear is always kept for open interpretation similar to Girl in red in ...


I didn't watch the movie, but some Googling has revealed that this is a helicopter from the Zero Dark Thirty (2012) movie. You can watch a YouTube clip where it can be seen, and here three stories that confirm/explain it: one, two, three. This is from the last link:


No, it isn't McQueen's car. It's a replica of it. The Wiki for this movie links to the movie's production notes [PDF]: The pièce de résistance of Arthur Shaw?s multimillion-dollar penthouse equaled a 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso that was once owned by Steve McQueen. It provides the billionaire with lofty bragging rights. This highly coveted and priceless ...


Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter, match or any extreme heat source. So he could have concealed a lighter, heat device into his palm like he did with the red wine. As for the paper money in the bank, The bank was already closed. So it wasn't necessary that the paper money was ignited at the same moment while the ...


While I do not have any official sources, I do not see them getting any actual syringes for a movie. It is fake as with most whether they do it with CGI (which seems a bit over the top when you have) trick syringes, or I've seen before where they just imply the shot with a cut-away.


Very few (if any) fictional products are actually registered trademarks, however they are creative works. This means any use of similar packaging is subject to copyright infringement laws. There is a possible case against a product using only the same name, if it's reasoned the name could cause confusion. The best example to understand this situation would ...


In the finale, the car that Walter uses to kill the Nazis and free Jessie is the ultimate remote controlled car.


I would personally think that this is a subtle reference to the type of person that Tony Stark is, he is what would commonly be referred to as a 'Hot-Rod' in that he has a firey temper and is quite reckless in his life. Also, it gives him the inspiration for the colour of the Iron Man suit.


Yes, it is a real issue. It is the December 1979 issue (Special Christmas Issue) of Playgirl magazine, and the person on the cover is Nick Nolte.


The quote from the creator Vince Gilligan himself: The teddy bear eyeball that Walt found in his swimming pool is symbolic. It's very, very symbolic. However, I'm not sure I can tell you with 100% certainty of what the symbolism is, what it represents...On the face of it, when we were coming up with that eye as an image, it probably, represented ...


I love Breaking Bad questions about symbolism, but fair warning: it's like opening Pandora's Box. As you've rightly pointed out; everything appear to have some meaning ...But there's often a lot of debate over their interpretations. It could be observed that in the deployment of narrative devices such as foreshadowing, recurring motifs and visual ...


Well, I've got this, It's a poster called: Musten Baba (poster work on paper) I think it's a guru named Musten Baba; it's from 1968. It was produced by a company called Berkeley Bonaparte. I think it might have been a poster used by Frank Zappa (source) additional source


This is the page with the interview to Stallone where the question of the questions was originally answered. We all say thank you Louis Saucedo from Dallas, Texas for having asked it exactly that day. Here is also a small screenshot for posterity.


From Wikipedia: By 2032, toilet paper has fallen out of use; a set of three seashells is provided in every toilet stall. Though their method of use is left unexplained in the movie, Stallone later suggested a possible method in an interview as told to him by one of the film's writers involving extraction with two and scraping with one.


That item is a magnetic desk toy, found on quite a few desks after this film I would guess :) Here is a video of it for you Here's a link if you want to buy one.


It's often just cotton. Next October go to a Halloween supply store. There you will find finely woven clumps of cotton that, when stretched out, resemble webs. It's a common stock item. While a simple prop, it's highly effective and does not stick to you, meaning it can stay where taped / glued until you take it down. Have you ever pulled a cotton swab ...

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