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No concrete figures have been released regarding the micro-budget film, largely (as far as I can tell) because most of the major expenses came directly out of Whedon's own pocket and he simply isn't saying. Based on this interview with Whedon, we learn that not only was Whedon personally involved in the filming, editing, lighting and writing but that the ...


It represents the Orlando area, The star in space at Kennedy Space Center, Harry Potter's Train at Universal, The ship, representing the Port Canveral cruise port and of course the Iconic Castle at Walt Disney Resort.


According to this article on Gawker, a unionised staff writer will earn a minimum of around $25K per annum (assuming their show isn't instantly cancelled) but substantially more when working on long-term & successful shows. An approx average for the shows you've mentioned would be somewhere into the low six-figures. Though show schedules can vary, ...


The closest similarity between film and digital resolution is the comparison of film grain to pixel resolution. Digital photography does not exhibit film grain, since there is no film for any grain to exist within. In digital cameras, the closest physical equivalents of film grains are the individual elements of the image sensor (e.g. CCD cell), the ...


As film is analog, it has no actual resolution in the same sense as a digital file (as you hint at). Opinions vary on what the 'equivalency' would be. This discussion on Red forums comes to a semi-concensus that it's equivalent to 'around 4k' when we take into real world conditions.


It all depends on the money, talent, and licensing control. Production contracts can be very complicated as there can be many players: the creators, producers, production companies, networks, writers, actors, etc. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on the TV series Damages: Due to the low ratings and high costs, it was speculated early that ...

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