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Shooting in 3D costs are said to be 2-4 times that of 2D costs. Mind you, that is the costs of shooting the film, not the whole budget. It's mainly because you have twice the amount of data: for every frame you'll have to do everything twice, once for each eye. Furthermore, the whole filming workflow must be updated. You have bigger, more expensive cameras, ...


There is no way this could be physically possible. First of all, the sets are too detailed. You could only pull this off if the sets were pre-built and stood in place constantly, the show/movie had extremely simple sets or the sets were all pre-existing. Then, the entire show/movie would need to be linear. You couldn't move characters/actors that ...


This article offers up six suggestions that might help. START WIDE THEN MOVE IN CLOSE HAVE FOREGROUND OBJECTS SHOOT WITH A LONG LENS USE STREAMERS, BANNERS, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, ETC. THE ALL PURPOSE CREW TURN THE MUSIC UP! Sounds like you're already doing one of those. The article talks in more detail on each and might give you some helpful ideas.

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