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My default approach is always: watch the movies in the order that they are released. My reasons are: I want to experience the "historical" perspectives of the people who watch the films as they come out. An easy example of this is the Star Wars series. I haven't seen any of them yet (gasp!) but when I get around to do it, I will watch 4,5,6,1,2,3. This ...


Prequel: A story or movie containing events that precede those of an existing work. This forms a vague descriptive definition as it does not dictate what or how far the movie precedes the story, or if the events do lead up to the film. So to speak, Prometheus is a prequel because it takes place in the same universe as Alien and happens before its time. ...


Avoiding spoilers If you watch Underworld 3 before Underworld 1, you will know more about the backstory than Selene does, so you’ll be waiting for her to catch up with you. If you watch Underworld 1 before Underworld 3, you’ll mostly know how Underworld 3 ends before starting it. You’ll get spoilers either way, but the spoilers are probably somewhat milder ...


Suraksha from 1979 stars Mithun Chakraborty (as Gunmaster G9, a Hindi James Bond-type) that was followed by the sequel Wardat in 1981. Videsh 1977 part 1 and Agent Vinod 1977 part 2 both contain Mahendra Sandhu as Agent Vinod.


After searching for a long time i concluded that Nigahen: Nagina Part II is the first Bollywood sequel follow-up of Nagina (1986). (Sources:1,2)


As a fan of the Underworld series, the (my) recommended viewing is: Underworld (The Extended Director's Cut preferably): This starts the series, and if not seen first, would be majorly spoiled by the other movies. Much of the allure of this film comes from the mystery revolving the Lycan/Vampire blood feud, and the characters in it. If you remove the ...


Watch them in order or else there are spoilers in the later ones even though they are prequels


I suggest watching it in order as the movies were intended. Because the rational that occurs in the first one has a shock moment that is ruined if watched out of intended order. However if you strive to still watch chronically then it would actually go 3,1,2,4. The forth is not a prequel like someone else previously stated.


I believe that a prequel, in order to be considered such, should not only take place in the same "universe" of the original movie/book/game but its plot should also be linked to the original plot, in some way. If a tale is simply set in the same universe of another one without having nothing to do with the original tale, I just cannot consider it a prequel. ...

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