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Absolutely. There's very little writing on the subject, which in itself could be considered evidence that it wasn't so outrageous, but we do have a lot of photographs of frontierswomen wearing trousers, most of which I can find are from the book Women in Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, and Other Renegades: Calamity Jane Professional scout and known for ...


According to the script:- AHMET ...They put me here. They say I raped a little boy. I have been here very long time. They will never let me go.


CB Radio or the citizen band radio is one of several personal radio services defined by the FCC's Part 95 rules. It is intended to be a two-way voice communication service for use in personal and business activities of the general public, and has a reliable communications range of several miles. This link on wikipedia tells us about this. It also states ...


As you can see from this map of Middle Earth, Gondor is the name of the kingdom to the west of Mordor: And Minas Tirith is a castle, and capitol of the kingdom during the time period depicted in the series: As it says on the Wikipedia article for The White Tree of Gondor, it stands as a symbol for the realm of Gondor, but it also a symbol of the ...


No. According to the script, here Sunshine 'knew' Harold was acting, in fact asking him who he trained with. She takes the knife and plays with the blade to determine how it works (slide up into the handle) and then proceeds to 'kill herself' using it (the acting prop knife) while continuing to act out Romeo and Juliet's Juliet death scene.


This is a reference to the Munich Agreement made in 1938 between Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. It allowed Germany the annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia and is nowadays largely considered an act of inappropriate appeasement toward Germany, encouraging it to proceed with its agressive politics. JFK's father Joseph Patrick Kennedy was ...


You weren't the only one wondering that; the ending perplexed many. But the film's director Scott Cooper explained it in interviews, like this one. Here's the gist: After being thwarted by law enforcement officials, Russell kills Harlan DeGroat (Woody Harrelson), the meth-addicted crime boss responsible for murdering his brother, right in front of the ...

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