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In a narrative like this, it's not so easy (nor productive) to use binary terms like "dead" or "alive" or think of a "place" like World's End as a real location. Indeed, throughout the franchise they continually play with different conceptions of dead, living, animated, silent, present, missing, etc. You might just as well ask whether or not Barbossa was ...


Jack's comment is about the fact that his father has lived to be an "Old Pirate" you will notice several times through the series that pirates don't generally live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten gains, which Captain Teague has done. Captain Teague's comment is a bit more cryptic. He is revealing a crack in his swagger here. He admits ...


Yes he died and reached this place known as The World's End located far beyond the Caribbean and Singapore, which is one of the most inaccessible places in the world. It could be found only by using the navigational charts, which were presented to the esteemed navigator Wu Ling for his journeys to the 'afterlife'. These charts would later be given to the ...


According to this page he was 40 when he died by the kraken: Jack Sparrow (Born 1700, Events of Part 2 was at 1740) According to this timeline the saving of Elizabeth and his death happend in the same year, so he was 39 or 40. Johnny Depp was 40 when playing in the first part of the movies, so I guess they estimated Sparrow's age by Johnny's age.

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