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Actually Captain Jack Sparrow didn't get cursed when his old crew found the aztec gold. What you may think of is a point in the movie where he gets undead for short time.In the cave while Barbossa and Jack negotiated Jack stole one aztec coin from the chest getting himself cursed untill he returned it. Here you can read fairly detailed plot in case you ...


I'm not sure if it has some special significance in this particular instance, but "Smith" is one of the most common surnames in the US, perhaps even the most common. So when someone wants to pick a pseudonym to mask their true identity, it's a typical choice. And for some reason, "Smith" has acquired this reputation more than any other common surname, so ...


After the death of Barbossa(ending of curse of the black pearl) Jack(monkey) took a coin from the chest getting himself cursed again,similarly to what Captain Jack Sparrow did during the first fight. Sparrow had a reason for taking the coin Jack on the other hand didn't...but he is a monkey afterall :/ Complete jacks story


He wasn't cursed to begin with, it was only near the end of the film when he takes a coin directly from the chest that he gets cursed.


This is based on the following logical points The Black Pearl is a fast gallon that sails at 10 knots (historically they sailed around 8 knots, but the Pearl is special and it makes the math easier) Assuming 10% of the trip is spent on re-supply A knot is 1.15MPH They used the common trade route of Caribbean to Portugal around Africa hugging the coast all ...


They were in the middle of a sword fight when Will proposed to Elizabeth. He has Barbossa marry them on the spot as it appears that it will be the only chance they'll get to be married. Whether or not Barbossa is responsible for Will's father's death, or whether or not Will remembers this fact never enters into the decision.


Have you watched the after credit scene in the first film? That's where the monkey steels another coin.

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