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While in an interview, Dick says that "everything in A Scanner Darkly I actually saw," in the author's note for the book, in which he makes the dedication you mention, he says: I myself, I am not a character in this novel; I am the novel.


Whether Deckard is himself a replicant is left deliberately ambiguous. In the original novel, a security force exists in addition to the regular police force in Los Angeles, whose operatives are termed 'blade runners' and who are actually replicants, created to do that special job of locating and terminating replicants that go 'rogue'. It's a kind of 'set a ...


The fictitious kind. Deckard was human. : ) Philip K. Dick himself, Hampton Fancher (the screen writer), Harrison Ford (Deckard), and the producers of the film (the people that hire the director) all state clearly, and consistently, that Deckard was human. They have stated that from the beginning of production on through to this very day. Think about ...


There is no indication he was anything special in terms of replicant creation (a test subject etc). I think he was made to do a job, Bladerunning and was customised to have abilities and skills which suit that role. That is what he does, he was given a personality as well which fuzzes things up. However, the question we really should be asking is how ...

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