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Definition: parody a musical, literary, or other composition that mimics the style of another composer, author, etc, in a humorous or satirical way. I would nominate the Laurel and Hardy movies as parodies of the originals. Movies were still in their infancy when Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy created shorts and full length feature films in the 1920s with ...


I realize I'm ludicrously late for this, but the very first parody film was The Little Train Robbery, made in 1905. It was a parody of The Great Train Robbery, made in 1903, which had the same director.


This is a legal question. At least in the US, parody and satire fall under the fair use umbrella of copyright law. A remake requires permission if the material being remade is copyrighted. You can't remake Star Wars without permission as the story and characters are protected under copyright and trademark laws. You could remake a Sherlock Holmes story ...


Three Ages (Buster Keaton, 1923, IMDB) is a parody of D. W. Griffith’s Intolerance (1916, IMDB). Intolerance intercuts four parallel story lines each separated by several centuries and demonstrates mankind’s persistent intolerance throughout the ages. Three Ages has three plots in three different historical periods. It tells about the love of a man to a ...


According to Parody As Film Genre: "Never Give a Saga an Even Break" (1999) by by Wes D. Gehring: Unlike other American film comedy genres such as the 1930s Depression birth of screwball comedy, or the front and center emergence of dark comedy in the 1960s, parody has been a mainstream part of American film comedy since the beginning. It was, in fact, a ...


Parody does not need permission because it is protected under "fair use".


In general most entries on IMDB will have a "Connections" link mentioning other entries that either reference or are referenced by the target. I don't believe you will ever find a complete database anywhere, but that is the one source that seems to be already trying to track this specific issue. Sadly your example is not on the list but there are several ...

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