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It has been a few years but the police officer could tell something was wrong, her mannerisms and body language were all off. He asked her several times about any issues, the fact that she would not say anything told him that there was a serious issue - hence he made sure that the police came back mob-handed.


In the movie, the cop tells her something along the lines of "if you're in some type of danger that you can't reall talk about right now you can use a signal or something., like maybe blink a couple of times." Throughout the whole time he talks it is clear that he does not blink (a signal) and neither does Meg. and so him not blinking was a signal to Meg to ...


I'd imagine that he would have been convicted on several different charges. An accessory to murder & B&E at least. Maybe even murder for the guy at the end, not to mention accessory to aggravated assault for the attack on the ex husband. A lot would depend on how good a lawyer he got! I'm sure he could claim he had to kill the last guy to save ...


I think there were more than a few shots: the robbers beat up Stephen, Meg used a sledgehammer to smash cameras and knock Raoul down the stairs. So the neighbors might have complained of the noise again. Also, the police might have tried to check again later with Stephen, or his new wife might have called the police. The new wife would tell them that he ...


When Officer Keeney asked Meg to give him a signal, she does not, but she does respond with "You guys are good, they really do train you guys." This is saying something IS wrong and because of your training, you have picked up on it.


The fact he went back to help would be offered in mitigation but he, as we saw, is guilty of several criminal acts and nothing can change that. He might claim that he complied under threat but the police rarely believe this and he would have a very hard time convincing a judge. Maybe the girls will lie to try to help him but it is unlikely that they will ...

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