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Possibly because "Cinderella" was a mean-spirited nickname given by her stepsisters, and others, especially friends, wouldn't be so cruel. The stepsisters called her that because she was forced to sleep in the cinders by the fireplace, leaving her dirty. "Cinderella" meant something like "little cinder girl". It's not clear what Cinderella's real name is ...


No, the main story arcs of OUaT and OUaTiW are completely independent of each other. But you might want to watch Frozen (not that I have). I can only assume it lends some character development to these new characters, who seem to have been just dropped in on us. I find the back-story that's given to us in the TV show, lacking. Side note: you should watch ...


I don't think its necessary. Unless I'm mistaken there's only one character, "The Knave Of Hearts", who crossed over to Once Upon A Time and they've never mentioned Alice. Although I'd recommend watching Wonderland, I found it really good.


The version of events in Once Upon A Time is not exactly like any other canon film or movie; even the events that were borrowed from Frozen are only canon within the Once Upon A Time show. (In other words, Frozen 2 won't need to keep faithful to any of what happened in Storybrooke). They were more faithful to Frozen than the other fairy tales, but mostly for ...


When Cruella, Ursula and Lily got sucked up by the portal, they used the egg's magical powers to keep them young. From wiki


Kathryn's Enchanted Forest counterpart, Abigail, is the daughter of King Midas. Although there is no character named Ajax in the King Midas myth (which is honestly pretty low on detail), Ajax was a character from another Greek myth. In the Iliad, Ajax was a particularly strong and courageous fighter. So, pretty good name for Greek character's dog!

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