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Initech is ostensibly a software company, but I don't think it could really exist. I'll take your points one at a time. Initech hires computer programmers that "update bank software for the 2000 switch" This would fit either a bank/credit union, or a software consulting company. Initech has access to "the credit union software" Again, this would fit ...


I used to work at a software company that created products to run mid to high-end credit unions. (Taking care of pretty much all software needs.) It was also rumored to serve as the inspiration for Office Space, though I would imagine this is a rumor at many companies. Initech hires computer programmers that "update bank software for the 2000 switch" ...


I wouldn't look at the main occupation of the characters in the movie as some attempt at being historically accurate to the times. As noted on Wikipedia: Shot primarily in Austin, Texas, the origins for Office Space lie in a series of four animated short films about an office drone named Milton that Mike Judge created, which first aired on Liquid ...


Actually, in the movie at around 41:56, as Peter takes down the banner previously put up by Bill Lumbergh, you can see another banner in the background that says "Initiative + Technology = INITECH"


I believe the "ini" is supposed to be the phonetic equivalent of the word "any." So the people are working for "any tech" company. "Trode" is short for electrode. As something that often plugs into something else, trode could reference a cubicle worker that can easily be plugged in to a new work environment. Not surprisingly, trode also apparently ...


"Initech" is pretty much "any tech" company.


For several years I worked for a consulting company developing software for what's called a "correspondent bank" - i.e., an intermediary that processes transactions on behalf of other banks. Customer banks are called "respondent banks". It's possible that Initech did something similar. I could make the following observations: Our customer (the ...


I always thought of Initech as a financial transaction intermediary that did custom implementations on either end of the connections they were facilitating. This could be, for example, Credit Union to Credit Card company or Credit Union to Check Clearinghouse, etc... Not 100% sure as I've never developed software that close to financial transaction ...


My guess is the "ini" in initech and iniwas a short way to say "Innovation" as many tech businesses love to get that buzz word invoked.


I worked at Intel at the time and the similarities were so great that I assumed Initech = Intel. Not specifically, but a play on words with a company everyone knows that they figured had the same undesireable cubicle culture. I figured they made the line of work different to not get sued.

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