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First of all, I'd like to point out that the Ocean's movies are repeatedly confronting you with various references to persons and events which are only mentioned in passing and whose backstory is only hinted at slightly, but whose meaning and backstory is completely clear to everybody else except you as the audience. This is IMHO part of the movies' classy ...


We are actually provided a quick backstory in Ocean's Eleven when Linus is caught by Danny after picking someone's pocket. Hello, Linus. Whose is this? Who are you? A friend of Bobby Caldwell's. You're either in or out. Right now. What is it? It's a plane ticket. A job offer. You're pretty trusting. Bobby has faith in ...


The actual line was Do you think Nagel was...nah It's in reference to a deleted scene where Roman Nagel talks about the possibility that their earthquake scheme might cause an actual earthquake. He would have said, "Do you think Nagel was right about causing a real earthquake?" See the deleted scenes at around 3:05 mark and watch as he is leaving the ...


Are you talking about when he was going through the elevator shafts? He wasn't putting anything inside of it, he was scouting to see if it was possible to access the diamonds via the floor or ceiling ducts. He determined that it would be next to impossible, so they decided to try another method. Hence, the shafts were never entered again.

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