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There has never been enough detail provided in the episodes that have aired to date - there are a few hints and a few jokes along the way (like knocking down a wall and using a ramp) - but this one doesn't really have an answer currently. The boat "Diane" does have an answer as to what happened to it; In the episode "Kill Ari" (3x02) Jen goes home with ...


On the NCIS wiki, she is known as the "Mysterious Red-Head". (By the way, their page says she drove a silver BMW, not a Mercedes.) She was never identified in the show. The role was played by Vivienne Bellisario, the fourth wife of NCIS producer Donald P. Bellisario and mother of Sean Murray, who played McGee.


NCIS is well known for being completely inaccurate in any and all things technical when it comes to computers, to the point of ridicule. It has no relation to real hacking or programming at all. One episode has Mcgee and Abbey sharing a keyboard to fight a hacker, as in each took half the keyboard to type... Utterly. ...


This isn't something that is currently known, as of season 12. It is assumed based on how Ziva left the show that they're still on good terms and that a future reunion is possible but whether this becomes the focus of something that occurs on screen or not is another question entirely.


I don't think it's very clearly explained in the episode, but I believe you're correct on both of your first two bullet points. The reason for the multiple, unusual murders was to confuse any investigation into the real target. This is a common trope for police procedural shows: the idea is that "a serial killer needs no motive", so the investigators will ...


They were never actually in a relationship! They started dating after Sub Rosa (Season 1) then things went pearshaped after McGee asked were their relationship was going and Abby was happy just to leave things as they were! They only dated for half of the season! At the end of Season 8, however there is a very tender moment between the two of them and McGee ...

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