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I've heard the song before but I've never seen the video until now. Well I recognized Billy Drago right away. I thought that would be a big clue as to whether this was from a movie, or one time episode of something. He seems to be the only actor that can be tracked from the video other than the spliced in footage of Choke Canyon. His IMDB list him as ...


Was it The Running Man? Online link: Wikipedia description: Zach Hugh (Banjō Ginga) is the titular "Running Man," the undefeated champion of the "Death Circus" racing circuit and has raced for 10 years. Competitors race in high-speed Formula One-like craft, and spectators bet on the lives of ...


From MTV Movie Awards wiki link, it says- The nominees are decided by producers and executives at MTV. Winners are decided online by the general public. Presently voting is done through MTV's official website through a special Movie Awards link at


The song's video features a few clips from the film Choke Canyon, but is primarily based on the completely unrelated story on which the song's lyrics are based. wikipedia As far as I know there is not an actual movie. I searched around but I couldn't find anything that could leed me to the "movie". Based on some other fans opinion, the video was made only ...

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