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I was also expecting a worse outcome from lightning strike. But IMHO the harmless result is part of the movie's not-quite-realistic style. This cartoonish style is also evident when the junior scoutmaster rescues the senior scoutmaster by jumping an impossible distance. The movie is not meant to be taken 100% literally... it has a exaggerated-campfire-story ...


I write this answer as someone who reviews films for a living and is also intimately familiar with Britten's music. I'm hard pressed to think of any relationship between the structure of the film's story and the structure of The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. The musical piece is structured as a theme and variations, which the spoken narration ...


In a fascinating article for Slate, Forrest Wickman explains that this film (like others of Anderson's before this, notably Rushmore and Bottle Rocket) was influenced by Anderson's love of Peanuts and the work of Peanuts director Bill Melendez. (The dog in the film is even named Snoopy.) You are in a fantasy world from the beginning, but perhaps you just ...


If the therapy in question is Electroconvulsive therapy, then yes, it is highly possible that children were given this treatment. Despite the fact that ECT was allegedly phased out during the 60's and 70's, the treatment continued to be administered, and even gained a little popularity around 20 years ago due to its effectiveness.


From Dallas Morning News: “This is the first movie I’ve made that he hasn’t been directly involved with, although he was around as a friend,” says Anderson, above at Cannes, who became good buddies with Wilson at the University of Texas shortly before they made their first feature, Bottle Rocket. “We started out doing this stuff together in the first ...


A possible "dark" interpretation of that scene is that Sam died after getting hit by lightning and everything after that is just Sam's (or Suzy's) dream; that's why things got better from there.


To me, that scene has similar camera angle and swagger as the opening-credits shots in Reservoir Dogs when the entire group of robbers are walking together -- beginning at 00:27 in this clip

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