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According to Wikipedia, in this episode (based on the book Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu), it wasn't that Monk did not require her services so much as, perhaps feeling that she was no longer needed, she "reveals that she has an interview for a glamorous job with a concert promoter." Mr. Monk warns her that her new boss will not be as good as he was. In the end, ...


According to tvtropes: He is a lifelong sufferer of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and has many phobias, and those obsessions became crippling after his breakdown, forcing his retirement; he recovers throughout the series, though he is never fully "cured". His OCD is also the reason Monk was such a successful policeman; one of his compulsions is ...


A similar scene happens in Mr. Monk and the Kid (Season 3, Episode 16). A severed finger turns up in the park, and Monk's only source of information is the two-year-old boy who found the finger. Near the end, he plays with the boy (Tommy) and rolls around in the grass. You can see some frames from the scene here, around 0:40:


Ambrose had been living in that house for 32 years before this episode so it´s more plausible to understand that he established the order of the cups or more probably both brothers did when they were younger. It´s true that the mother was supposed to have some mental issues as she was 'catatonic' (perhaps and exaggeration) for some time after their father ...

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