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Well, the bible is not just from Chicago, but especially from the Drake Hotel in Chicago, where Jim lived as he said earlier. This is quite a coincidence, considering that Jim wouldn't have any reason to steal a bible from the hotel. On the other hand Job surely needs a bible for the communication cypher with Max based on bible quotes. So it is the mere ...


From the script online: KITTRIDGE (CONT'D) I want to show you something, Ethan. He now shoves the papers across the table. They're xeroxed copies of a Wisconsin bank account in the name of DONALD and MARGARET ETHAN HUNT. It shows a balance of $127, 000. KITTRIDGE (CONT'D) Since your ...


The only valid explanation that comes to mind is that Jim Phelps wanted to frame someone so the file could be closed instead of an open-end investigation that could lead to his capture ultimately!


It's not part of the elevator, it's some kind of folding blade thing. The point (sorry) is just to show that it is actually a trap, and Jack just hasn't lost control of the elevator by chance.


I am pretty sure the asker is asking about the Mission Impossible film series because there was no character named Ethan Hunt in the the TV series. Ethan hunt was the name of the IMF operative in the film series. The films feature Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent. And in the film series, he never refused a mission, we know that.


Well, I'd dare to say their relationship was never that strong and it certainly didn't get better from her engagement with Ethan, may that have been staged at the beginning. When she approaches Jim (or rather Ethan in the Jim costume, with the real Jim eavesdropping from behind) at the start of that scene, she pledges for him to leave Ethan alive, although ...

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