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Pretty much. Powers are all related to what people were thinking of, or wanted. E.g. the "power broker" wanted to be a power broker, but not in the sense of super powers. The invisible guy wanted not to be noticed, the old lady wanted to be young again.


Whenever any TV Series/Movie employs time travel there tends to be some major gaps. Unless I'm missing something there are several in Misfits throughout the first three series, mainly the latter two - and yes, I think they must just be plot holes - I'll give another example or two. A major one is Superhoodie's actions in general - if he came back to save ...


It's definitely not a plot hole, but you are definitely not missing anything; it is simply a modified version of the reset button. In the season 2 premiere, Nathan addresses the body count, "Can we please stop killing our probation workers?" as a joke, and then nothing happens. It's South Park syndrome: while main characters can change (Mr/s Garrison) and ...


It was never made clear in the episode, as to which specific technology found in a cell phone, was used by Nazis to win the war, I would like to believe that they exploited cell phones for better communication, which would have helped them in efficient diversion of resources to the places they need. It's pure speculation on my part, since nothing conclusive ...

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