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He answers as He showed me how important you are... you and your partner. So my interpretation is he showed him the truth about J, J's future and his mission. Young Agent K: You ever wanna see more, I know a top secret organization that can use a man like you. Colonel: I wish I could. Here I have the impression that Colonel has also seen his own death.


Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) witnessed the death of Agent J's (Will Smith) father, who was killed by an alien in an act that could have been prevented by Agent K. Considering the time travel elements of the third movie, and the fact that Agent K from the past was aware of his future after Agent J told him, he has essentially lived with the fact that the ...


Yes, the kid was Agent J. Earlier in the movie it's alluded that J grew up without a father figure, but couldn't remember what happened to him, he just disappeared. We later find out that J's father was killed by Boris. In an act of sympathy K wiped the kid's memory, giving us the reason for why J couldn't remember his father.


If you mean by K knew what is about to happen the time traveling by Boris to kill K, I doubt it. I think K just assumed Boris might appear to kill him again, since he was pretty chafed with K. I think an agent like K should be ready for this type of attack, when the enemy is also like Boris the Animal. So he kept himself ready for an imminent attack from ...


The film seemed to imply that he was shown clips from J's life; notice that he says J, specifically, is "important", then hastily amends that to being the pair of them. Similarly, he was probably aware that his death is what caused J to grow up as he had, since, as Guy pointed out, he seems aware of his own death.


It could be called plot inconsistency but I rather not think of it like that. 0 o []- '|| J_prev at t = -5 /\ /\ =========================== Ledge ^ |---- Where J current will end up after jump at t = -5 o--== J current at t = 0 __ ' 2ft limit ...


I know this isn't a satisfying answer, but I would say that the most likely reason is that this is a plot hole mistake by the filmmakers. To tell the truth, I never realized this plot inconsistency before seeing your question, because I was always more bothered by the fact that they want to launch the ArcNet into space, but they attempt to do so by placing ...


He could have ended his relationship with the woman from the first movie and joined the MIB. In working with Agent O they developed a mutual attraction that was never acted upon, however that doesn't mean he no longer had feelings for the woman he left. It could have been his attraction to O was just to help deal with the loss of the other woman. Having ...


To me it didn't seem too much as he changed, he always cared about J and secretly took care of him like a father, K was there while J grew up and that's another reason he made sure the chosen agent in MIB1 was him. So it's more like when he finds out J discovered the truth he gets in a good mood (for being a quite stoic dude, he has his moments, specially ...


K knew that his time was coming to see "Just Boris", again. And as he stated "If he had to do it again, he would have killed him the first time". He was getting ready for that by opening his arsenal, he just didn't know how he was going to be approached by Boris. This is what creates the past for K knowing J from childhood...He just couldn't ever talk to him ...


My assumption when watching the film was that, when Boris returned to the present, he gave the device back, thus enabling J to go back in time with the device. I believe that it's actually evidenced in Jeffery's log book. Had Boris been smart he would have thought to not return the device, but as we have seen he's not the sharpest crayon in the box.


I have been wondering that same thing, I can't quite figure it out. I have two theories though. Either it had something to do with the fact that he time-traveled while in the past, when he jumped down from the rocket launch thingy with Boris. Maybe that somehow made him resistant to time fracture, because he wasn't really present while the change happened. ...

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