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Marvel did not have full unadulterated control over Spider-Man. Spider-Man is still under Sony control, so Sony would have major veto power over any instance of Spidey in marketing. To avoid any issue, and to inflate the "special guest star" factor for him, they avoided using him in all (meaning every piece of) marketing.


As expained in this excellent answer by @phantom42 on SF/F, Kevin Feige (the head of Marvel's film studio division) discussed this point last year, when talking about the number of characters in the movie. The basic explanation is that, while many of the Avengers are in Civil War, only a few characters get a real story-arc, and all of those are related to ...


You are certainly right that this film seems to be chock full of Avengers. However, it is still a rather personal Captain America movie through and through. You could as well ask that question about Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It's about more than just screen time. While there is a larger conflict between the ...


Try "THE NUMBERS" which has a section on budgets: Caveats apply: all Hollywood accounting is fictional budgets are mainly designed to ensure maximal grants / tax breaks / investment and are most often grossly inflated (and rarely understated) public versions of budgets of good movies often pick up costs of other movies that do less well to hide studio ...

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