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Presumably, some people will be interested in seeing the movie on July 4th. People who see the movie on another day will be seeing the movie before or after July 4th. It is probably best for them to see the movie before July 4th. As the weather warms up in June, people can be thinking forward about how great July 4th is. By releasing the movie early, ...


Simply put it is because of the competition from other movies. There is also a page here with the exact same question and they arrive to the same conclusions: Fox isn't speaking out on why the sequel to Independence Day is shuffling to June. So let's take a look at what could be the reason. First off might be helmer Roland Emmerich, who is nowhere near ...


Probably to avoid a tough competition since on Jul 1, there will be 4 new movies with a nation wide releases and at Jul 8, 2 movies, one of them is "The Secret Life of Pets" which is predicted to be one of the biggest movies this summer.

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