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Because it's an easy, dirt-cheap way of adding mystique to a character and make them more memorable. (And it worked - here we are, talking about it 25 years later!)


The name 'Stacey' was never formally adopted within the show as canon: instead, they went for him just being called 'Mac'. The intention, in the first season, was for the character to have a somewhat mysterious background, with hints of history rather than specifics. This approach was dropped by the end of the first season, partly because it wasn't very ...


It sounds like ABC just didn't care much about the show anymore, but trying to cash in on a sudden spike in popularity as the series came to a close. I found this statement by KateR on a Richard Dean Anderson fan forum (because that exists): After season six, MacGyver was only picked up for a half season, which is 13 episodes. They left Vancouver and ...

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