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The lined, octogonal part of the logo is influenced by ancient Chinese designs. From Lostpedia: Each interior image pretty directly matches up to the Station or profession it represents. For example: The Swan logo is of a swan. The Staff logo is of the medically-relevant Caduceus. The Looking Glass logo is of a white rabbit, a reference to ...


Like many other unanswered questions, there's no definite answer to this one. I'll offer a couple of interpretations, however: If you take into account the context of the scene, Ben was talking about Locke, specifically he was comparing him to himself. However, unbeknownst to him, "Locke" in the room was in fact The Man in Black at the time, an entity that ...


Spoilers below! The clicking noise seems to be related to the Smoke Monster's birthplace, the Heart of the Island. Compare its noise to that of the below clip from the LOST season finale.

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