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Season 2, Episode 16, 'School's Out'


By the time Bo and Lauren actually hook up in the series, Bo has developed a significant amount of control over her powers. She still doesn't have complete control or know all of what she can do, but she can control how much she feeds and when. If I recall correctly, Bo rarely, if ever, actually feeds on Lauren. If she did feed on her, she had enough ...


In season 2 episode 18, "The Falls" are mentioned as the location of Bo & Ryan's almost-wedding, and in season 3 episode 5, Kenzi suggests she & Bo go to "the casino at Niagara". Various maps used on the show are of the Toronto area as well. So while they haven't yet specifically stated that "Faetown" is Toronto, they're leaving less and less doubt ...


In one episode Kenzi does refer to a minor character being "across the border" where she is on death row. IIRC Canada doesn't have a death penalty so it's a sort of admission that they aren't in the US. But other than that, no, I don't believe any character ever specifically says Toronto.

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