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As you can see from this map of Middle Earth, Gondor is the name of the kingdom to the west of Mordor: And Minas Tirith is a castle city, and capital of the kingdom during the time period depicted in the series: As it says on the Wikipedia article for The White Tree of Gondor, it stands as a symbol for the realm of Gondor, but it also a symbol of the ...


I have not seen the second or third Hobbit movies, but if they claimed that Smaug was "in" Moria and needed to be evicted, that would appear to be a mistake. Erebor and Moria are two completely different places. However, I suspect your confusion stems from the fact that the dwarves were evicted from both places, and want to retake both places, just for ...


As @JohnP said, Gollum is integral to the plot. He's on screen a LOT. He becomes a companion for Frodo and Sam. So if you edited out the parts with Gollum, you'd have 3 very short movies. (And you probably wouldn't understand what was going on.)


Your question pertains to the movie but the answers are coming from the book. The Two Towers Script doesn't say Gandalf died in so many words. He reports, GANDALF Darkness took me. And I strayed out of thought and time. [Camera zooms in ...

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