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I don't believe that there was any mention in the books that destroying the Ring would destroy Sauron and no mention at the Council of Elrond. The goal was to prevent Sauron from obtaining the One Ring, which he would use to conquer middle-earth. In The Fellowship of the Ring, chapter 2 - The Shadow of the Past, Gandalf tells Frodo that the only way to ...


The one ring was the only thing that kept him alive after he lost his physical body in the first great battle at mt. doom. Since the Istari knew Sauron was only banished, not dead, but Elrond didn't kill Isildur for walking away with the ring, they knew that his spirit could be vanquished destroying the one ring.


First Hobbit movie ends around the end of Chapter 6 Second Hobbit movie ends around the end of Chapter 13 All 3 movies span a little into the LOTR timeline I would read through Chapter 6, watch the first one, read through the end of Chapter 13, watch the second one, and then read the rest and watch the 3rd one. There will be a little overlap between book ...

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