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Riggs' actual age has never been mentioned in the movie, nor in the sequels. Using clues in the movies we can conclude he is in his early thirties. The script In an early draft of the script by Shane Black from January 86 it's said on the second page with the character descriptions that Riggs is 36 years old (thirty-six in August, says the script). ...


He probably wanted vengence before fleeing the city. He pulled up and noticed that there were only two officers there. It looked like a pretty easy walk in - kill - walk out, probably only taking a couple of minutes. He had no way of knowing that Riggs and co had beaten him there and had laid an ambush.


As much as I remember, nothing in the movies indicates his age, nor gives a clue. This is a quote from the French Wikipedia's page about Martin Riggs: Martin Riggs est né le 16 octobre 1950. En 1969, il rejoint l'Armée de terre des États-Unis à l'âge de 19 ans en tant que membre des Forces spéciales Roughly translated: Martin Riggs was born on 16 ...


I watched the movie recently again on tv. First obvious choice is his vengeance. If you rollback to the start of the movie in that initial scene in bar where he puts his hand out on the lighter for his boss to show his loyalty, so I think it could be part vengeance and part loyalty to his boss to kill off the people who hindered his boss and even if it means ...

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