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No, it does not mean that all dialog is sung, have a look at Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, West Side Story, etc. The reason that the movie has all dialog rhyming etc. (known as 'sung through') is because the West End musical that it is based on is sung through (although there are versions where Valjean speaks a normal line to Javert when he gives him his ...


The story has already been shot as a normal movie, back in 1998. And 1995. And 1982. And 1978.... on and on and on. The 1998 version of Les Miserables was a straight take on the Victor Hugo novel, intended to be a po faced English language interpretation of the failed second revolution. It was well received (still rated 78% fresh by Rotten Tomatoes) but did ...


Wikipedia lists this reason from the musical (which the 2012 film is based on) as: At a convent, Valjean awaits his death, having nothing left to live for. That may be, but he was also pretty old for the time period, and serving 19 years of hard labor probably didn't help. 1768 - Birth of Jean Valjean (book) 1796 - Jean Valjean is sentenced to ...


I would guess that they could either: Have the actors sing the piece through together on stage, have them mime on location and then dub the lyrics Have them singing on location and support them with a backing track. (Do not forget that they would have rehersed these songs scores of times and would know them inside out).

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