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Yes, he was trying to sound like someone from Rhodesia. From IMDb: It is a Rhodesian accent, or Southern African. It is different to the South African accent, like the New Zealand and Australian accents are different. Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, has a small white population who have their own accent, which is often confused with the white ...


This document has the rules for the 2016 BAFTAs, including section C. Eligibility, which states: Films must open for theatrical general release for the first time in commercial cinemas in the UK between 1 January 2015 and 12 February 2016 Films which open after 1 January 2016 must be qualified by being screened to BAFTA members (‘voters’) no ...


The screening for the movie took place in November where members of the press and award voters were present. The screening was held in New York. They were impressed with his performance and so he got nominated. For more details see this Vanity Fair article.

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