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While it's never explained, I have 2 theories on the plant and what it means in Leon's life. First of all, if you've ever been in the military you know that one of your main tasks is to make your bed. It is then inspected by your drill sargeant. They do this for a few reasons, the main one being that it allows you to start your day with a completed task, ...


The relationship between Leon and Mathilda is a rather complicated one, and is pretty much the cornerstone of the whole movie. Leon is hinted to be mentally challenged in some capacity. He can't read and despite his prowess as an assassin is very naive and is easily fooled by Tony (and Mathilda). He also has problems with intimacy and letting people get ...


Despite the guns and knives and bombs and drugs, the relationship is innocent. Leon is essentially a child in a man's body, he cannot read, Tony is his surrogate father taking care of him financially and he and maltilda play "dress up". In this relationship he learns for the first time about love and he develops into matilda's surrogate parent.


Younger and the relationship would either have to be totally creepy or transform into more obviously paternal relationship. Older, say 16+, and the relationship likely is forced to take on more romantically charged aspects. At 12-14, the character can be old enough to be somewhat independent and for the relationship to be a friendship rather than paternal ...

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