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The fact that Ra's disappeared after talking with Bruce leads you to strongly believe that he was nothing more than a hallucination. Keep in mind a couple of things: Bruce had just undergone serious physical trauma (getting his broken back reset); Ra's had figured out how to use a lotus flower to cause a person to see a blurred view of the world ...


It's one of the clues given by the Director for the audience building towards the surprise ending we're treated where its revealed that Talia is the one climbed out of the pits and not Bane. There were many clues which makes sense after the ending including Talia's interest in the Reactor initially during the movie (the scene involving the board and stuff) ...


When Talia left the pit she is seen to be quite young maybe between 10-15, so assuming that she went and found here father who then returned and freed Bane (who doesn't look significantly older) within 5 years then I imagine that Bane would have been excommunicated from the League of Shadows well before Bruce Wayne was there. That is based on the ...


It is just a devise to show Bruce's detective skills. As much as it is a hallucination, it is still Bruce's problem solving. Notice that the hallucination doesn't get every detail accurately. It's because Bruce has it right that it is Rah's' legacy returning, but the hallucination doesn't correct him when he says Bane is his "heir".


I thought that Bruce noticed the scar on her back. I'm sure he rubbed it with his hand just before the close-up. I also think Miranda made some comment regarding it. ( I only saw this last night, but cannot remember the dialogue..)

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