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It is not so much a reference to a single particular movie, but to all the archetypical action movies of that kind, starring a hard-boiled one-man hero (usually a cop) who has a meaty name (like John McLane, Jericho Jackson, Jack Slater) and kills bad-guys while giving cool one-liners. So no, it wasn't refering to an actual movie starring an actual Jack ...


In fact, the ticket is used on multiple movies in the movie. Benedict used the ticket to grab The Ripper from Slater III. Also, Death from The Seventh Seal comes out of his movie towards the end of the film.


The villain worked out exactly how long it would take for Slater to find the cards and flip through them, and set the timer on the bomb appropriately. It's not meant to be realistic, since this is in the "movie world" where you have cartoon cats and black-and-white Humphrey Bogart. In any case, he obviously miscalculated, since Slater had time to escape the ...

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