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Interestingly Gilliam did not write the screenplay for 12 Monkeys, it is a rare example of a Gilliam movie that he did not start but was brought on-board after the rights had been picked up by the studio and a screenplay had been written by David and Janet Peoples. That said, La jetée is 28 minutes long. I imagine that the writers could not sustain the ...


Is an experimental film. Chris Marker did it that way due to artistic reasons. In the 60's french directors were pushing the boundaries of film as an art, breaking rules to experiment with filmmaking (check Godard's "À bout de souffle" as another example, using non classic montage).


You should probably be knowing that the movie itself is inspired from La jetée. If you have seen La jetée, you'd obviously notice that the movie is just a series of still frames with a narrator in the background. There is a scene in Twelve monkeys where Railly narrates a slide show about a insane soldier in World War I. And when Railly and Bruce Willis ...


Can't be answered for sure but in both movies (La Jette and 12 Monkeys) the body is present in the future. Although the details aren't clear, looks like the psychological aspect is only the beginning of the travel, later followed by the body itself.


Honestly, I think all these "art" styles are no more than really lack of resources (money) or effort to do something better (as live or real as can be).

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