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Irina Spalko was a KGB operative communist working for the Soviet Union. She was attempting to obtain the Crystal Skull in order to give the USSR an advantage over the Americans. Ike was a nickname for President Dwight D. Eisenhower, staunch opponent of communism. "I like Ike" was one of his campaign slogans. From the screenplay: The barrel of Mac’s ...


Marion sees the tree a few moments earlier. From the script (page 102A): Marion ducks as the Russian GUNFIRE SCREECHES off the metal sides of the duck. But it allows Mutt and Mac to jump in from the other side, keeping low. Marion hits the gas and they take off toward the river. But they soon reach a short cliff. Marion stomps on ...


I interpret Oxley's answer as "the aliens went to another dimension." This makes sense as a follow-up to his earlier dialogue with Mutt Williams: Williams: "What are they? Spacemen?" Oxley: "Interdimensional beings in point of fact."

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