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The 1933 movie doesn't show how King Kong was transported, but according to the script:     They possibly towed the raft with the ship, all the way to New York. (Maybe Peter Jackson thought using a raft is a silly idea and therefore didn't include it in his version) However, the raft idea was used in King Kong vs. Godzilla:     In ...


I have only seen the 1933 and 2005 versions, neither of which address the origin or purpose of the door. The only explanation that I have read about this is that the human inhabitants of Skull Island chose a defendable peninsula, and built the wall to make themselves an enclave. The map from the 1933 picture is below, showing the peninsula as 'village' - a ...


Despite the reservations of other users, this intrigued me enough to figure it out :) If you watch a clip from the end of the '33 film, you can see the approximate camera angle - which I have replicated in the map below... From this angle, it appears that Kong was hanging onto the East/South 'corner' of the Empire State Building, which would put his ...


The best I could find is that it was most likely cut due to the already long running time of the movie. The scene can be found in the extended version, available on home video.

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