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It's unclear, but possible. At the start of Volume 1 when she attempts to leave her bed, she immediately collapses: She then had to take out Buck while on the floor, before using a wheelchair to steal the Pussy Wagon. At this point we are shown a 10 minute sequence about O-Ren Ishii, before The Bride finally regains control of her legs. The next shot is ...


I guess the answer to it is that "Viper Assassination Squad" went through a disbandment. Beatrix was killed by the squad, Bill and Bud have a fallout, O-ren-ishi always had a long term plan of establishing herself in the Tokyo underworld, so she pursues that and Bill approves if it because we know that Bill helped her in that. So in this way, one by one the ...


According to the famous movie entitled "Seven Samurai", using dead warriors' weapons is a big huge taboo. Presumably Beatrix is not using her dead enemies' weapons, because she is following samurai code of honor.


In my opinion, the answer is "certainly not". The Pulp fiction wiki for Mia & the Kill Bill wiki for Beatrix Kiddo state no connection at all. In spite of that there is large difference in the two characters as well. Mia Wallace is a heroin addict whereas there is no indication anywhere that Beatrix uses any kind of drugs. The character that Mia Wallace ...

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