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Miyagi becomes Daniel's teacher and, slowly, a surrogate father figure. He begins Daniel's training by having him perform laborious chores such as waxing cars, sanding a wooden floor, refinishing a fence, and painting Miyagi's house. Each chore is accompanied with a specific movement, such as clockwise/counter-clockwise hand motions. Daniel fails to ...


Originally it's from the movie The Karate Kid(1984) starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita and the phrase has been adapted to the remake too . Pat Morita was supposed to be teaching Mr. Macchio karate, but all summer the karate master had the kid just painting stuff and waxing his car. However, the painting and waxing techniques were secretly teaching his ...


I don't think the purpose was simply to learn the muscle movements for defense. With the struggle of teaching, I think Myagi was also teaching the boy to trust him. Trust isn't something Daniel was very familiar with, and developing a trusting relationship with Myagi, as we see later, leads to better things.


The remake actually provides some clarity on the matter. In either Karate or Kung Fu, there is a recurring theme of "excellence in everything you do, no matter how mundane". The underlying thread in this concept is meditation - a truly enlightened mind is meditating all of the time. Martial artists, seeing their art as a meditation, find practice in ...

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