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The only way to recreate the vegatation they would have to find the DNA of such plants first. For the dinosaurs they found it inside mosquitoes. For the plants, any bugs that feeds on plants and preserved just like the mosquitoes were would do. If I recall correctly, none of the movies state that they have found bugs and were able to clone the vegetation ...


Like the dinosaurs, the scientists recreated the plant life from the dino age. It really isn't stated how, the dinos were recreated by filling in the missing dna with frog dna. Perhaps the same was done for the plants, using similar species that exist today.


I've worked on the implementation of automatic guided forklifts which travel around facilities by following low-frequency signals sent through wires in the floor. The wire needed to be within about an inch of the surface of the floor for reliable guidance; in an outdoor scenario with unpaved roads, an unprotected wire close enough to the surface to offer ...

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