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The simplest answer is that the T-Rex didn't come in through the main doors, it came through the (now open to the elements) side entrance, shouldering its way through the scaffolding:


This was discussed at some length in an article about Tippett for Wired Magazine: Originally, Steven Spielberg’s life finds a way dinosaur amusement park movie was going to be done with stop-motion miniatures from Tippett combined in post-production with larger robotic dinosaurs created by special effects master Stan Winston. But then Muren told ...


Michael Crichton's own foreword to the Audiobook version of Jurassic Park specifically addresses this point. The island is intended to be a theme park (e.g. with rides and attractions), not just a zoo for animals. I wrote a screenplay about cloning a pterodactyl from fossil DNA in 1983, but the story wasn’t convincing. I worked on it for several ...


Obviously the main thing to note is that the two films are set decades apart. The costs will have changed dramatically. Jurassic World There's a quote regarding the cost of the I-Rex™. Masrani indicates that the total amount spent on the "asset" is in the ballpark of $26M. Owen: You're going after her with non-lethals?? Masrani: We have $26 ...

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