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The theme is a self referential joke, but in the example also a sign post. The contact Bond meets is Vijay Amritraj a famous Indian tennis player in a cameo. The use of the bond theme is to draw attention to him, and later when he is driving Bond and they are attacked, he uses a tennis racquet to defend himself.


The word "Galore" comes from the Irish term "Go Leoir" meaning plenty.


While I cannot provide any hard proof or reference to back my claim, I would very clearly say that this was nothing else than a little self-refential side joke to lighten up the situation and which doesn't have much more significance than to make the audience smile at the use of this famous theme inside the movie and the little break of the fourth wall it ...


Miss Pussy Galore was suposed to be a Lesbian . With that in mind, She Is surely a Pussy Galore. Abundant Pleasure but yet unbroken. Until 007 came. She turned as an ally to 007,after being detained by Goldfinger. Some eventful night on the detaining room must've open Pussy's perspective on having a good time with a male counterpart... Maybe mr.Fleming had ...

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