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Tomorrow never dies The original title of the film was "Tomorrow Never Lies", which makes sense when you consider media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) was creating the next day's headlines in advance, then causing those events to happen. But a typo on an early script draft was adopted by the producers, and "Tomorrow Never Dies" was used ...


Because they're supposed to be "forgettable" and the films don't share much of a continuity to begin with. First of all, James Bond is himself not much of a character for lasting relationships. The women, or "Bond girls", he comes across during his adventures are usually more "part of the adventure" for him than serious engagements persisting beyond his ...


Trepanning had been used in medicine since prehistory. It is still in use nowadays in some cranial surgery, like subdural hematomes. We can infer that people survive from the procedure. Source: Trepanning on Wikipedia


There are many real life incidents of people taking nails to the brain without any immediate or lasting effects. It is no real surprise he was able to survive that injury. Example 1 Example 2 Besides that...He's James Bond... He can't very well have any lasting effects from it. :)

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