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Le Chiffre's Eye weeps when hes stressed (has a bad hand) its his "Tell".


There's no concrete answers to why it's never acknowledged, but as Johnny Bones points outs, most of the films are based on books: Film                                        ...


On the technical side, as Jonny Bones said, because Ian Fleming didn't write a code-name, he wrote a character. A character with his own backstory, personality, mannerisms likes & dislikes. A code-name would explain the changing faces and gadgets, but if you went with that idea, you would then have to explain how all the "James Bonds": Were Commanders ...


The article's only piece of evidence is the anagram, which strikes me as interesting but not conclusive. Rather than M being Silva's real mother, I think a key element of the story is that Silva and Bond had virtually identical past relationships with M: both Silva and Bond had been orphaned or abandoned as children, leading to each of them being selected ...

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