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He can travel into space, as shown in "Marvel's Avengers", via a portal. However there's still going to be limits to how long he can be there, as also demonstrated. The Iron-Man suit appears to be pressurised enough for him to survive the exposure to the vacuum of space, but the suit doesn't appear to have enough oxygen to support him in space. This could ...


Tony Stark is one of the most well developed characters not just in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in modern cinema today, and his relationship with his Iron Man suits is as fascinating as it is unhealthy. If you recall the events of Iron Man, you will remember that Tony Stark first designs his Iron Man suit (and later refines it) in order to escape ...


you can see in this pic They first created a prosthetic chest over his real chest and spray tanned it to match his original skin tone. Then they put in his "heart" so it would look like it's actually a hole in his chest while his actual chest is underneath it.


He actually can, just not with all of his suits (just as not all of them are supposed to be used underwater, in some vulcano, etc.). As far as the MCU is concerned, Iron Man 3 introduces the Mark 39 (aka Gemini or Starboost), which according to the Iron Man Wiki on Wikia: Extreme Flight The Mark 39 has the unique and special ability to fly at ...

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