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If you go to the movie's official website, there are screens that show what the time format is. See the attached image. The format is Years - Weeks - Days - Hours - Minutes - Seconds.


I think that a conclusion can easily be drawn between that movie scene and slavery in the South before the Civil War. The simple answer is that they were quite frankly unaware that something like that could even be done. Slaves believed that they were unable to fight back and so most of the time did not. They were afraid of the powers that existed to hold ...


As seen throughout the movie, time can be given from one person to another, and it can be taken by force as well. Fighting is done in an arm-wrestling style position, where each person holds the other person's hand. It's then a contest of wills to pull as much time from the other person while not letting their time get pulled as well.


There are probably two main things to consider: 1) Will's whole goal is to distribute as much time to as many people as possible. If he were to keep too much for himself, there could be someone, somewhere, who wouldn't have enough. Remember his line, 'no one should be immortal if even one person has to die.' Will had gotten used to living on just enough ...


In one instance, Salas says he can always fight for money, but his mother reprimands him, telling him not to be like his father. Leon also makes a reference to Salas' father. Salas looks confused, as he thought his father died in a fight. (Source:www.themoviespoiler.com) Both point indicated that Salas father's death is a mystery and only his ...

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