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This is because there is a difference between how IMDb (or another source) lists the actor's name than their credit in a movie. The name after 'as' shows how they were credited in the movie. In the case here, it is because there is a difference in the capitalization between Dane DeHaan and Dane Dehaan. The difference here is relatively minor, they can be ...


I've some experiences in freelancing. I guess this answer is correct because I've seen numerous job postings like this to give positive reviews. But one point to be noted is that, to stop this sort of rating manipulation, IMDB only counts votes from regular voters. That means if you just register and give couple of movies very high ratings, you votes are not ...


The ratings used on IMDB are not just straight votes from anyone who chooses to participate. They are, to some extent, protected from the short term whims of the masses who find a particular popular movie to be good. The ratings in the top 250 are also adjusted to some extent to account for the number of people voting and the total number of votes cast in ...


Nominated : The actor has not yet received the award, but will receive it. No, it means the actor is one of several who is being considered for the single award. 4-8 may be nominated, but only one wins it.


It's difficult to say who's hiring, but I know at least one source where people are offering. I would guess fiverr is more for the amateurs. Big movie studios generate enough buzz on their own to get people talking and rating.


The two names which are listed are the one the actor is commonly known as and the other is how the credit in the film is given. (EDIT: So the main listing is the main one and the one in the parenthesis the credited.)


It is credible insofar as the viewing public is the arbitrator. Anyone can vote, and since more people like blockbusters and franchise movies than independent or foreign films, the votes reflect that. The ratings are only as useful as box-office receipts. They measure popularity, not importance or quality. Plus, I think Rotten Tomatoes does a better job by ...


Nominated means he is nominated for award but for the same category multiple person get selected but only one can won it. For example Assume for best actor in Oscar 2015, 5 actor has been nominated but only one of them can won it so the rest 4 will always be mentioned as nominee only.


Although this answer is late I asked myself the same question just now. I wanted to look at a movie called Alien Armageddon and decided to see what imdb said before I did. Most people gave it a low rating. I was curious about the few persons giving high ratings to a movie that was overall rated very low. I found this strange. So I looked one up and saw the ...


The MPAA has no control over what people write about a film. They can prevent piracy (copyright infringement) of films and they rate all of the films... but that's it. They can't tell companies like IMDb or resources like Wikipedia what they can and can not write. In the case of a script or if there were an "official" plot synopsis, they could prevent ...


The IMDB rating is highly subjective. The arithmetic used for averages or exclusion of voters for the top 250 are a way to adjust the ratings to misuse or exceptional values. But they work on the elementary data point which is bluntly: How many "stars" do you give this movie? This is not an objective data point in any way. It isn't even explained what this ...

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