Process of giving details about a television show so that the community can identify it. Process of giving details about a movie so that the community can identify it. Please try to give as much information as possible. From important plot points, over descriptions of characters and settings, to meta information like when you watched it, what language/country it was or what genre it was.

Is there a movie or TV show that you remember watching when you were younger, but cannot remember the name of it? Maybe you saw a few scenes, but not enough of it to know what the whole movie was.

This is what the identify-this-tv-show tag is for. By giving as many clues as you can remember, other StackExchange users can help you with your challenge.

However, please realize that identify-this-tv-show questions are very personal, and may not help the group as much as other discussions. Because of these limitations, remember these guidelines when posting questions using this tag:

  • Post as much information as you can remember about the movie or TV show. Even if the details you can recall are disjointed or incomplete, they are be critical to other users as they try to help. For example:

    • Was it color or black and white?
    • Was it a cartoon or live action?
    • What language was spoken?
    • What approximate year or decade was it made?
    • What country or region was it created in?
  • Be sure to list shows that are incorrect in the question. If you know that the show you are describing sounds like X, but is not, then please save responders some time by letting them know up front not to suggest it.

  • Don't abandon the conversation. Because the questions are so personal, no one will know if the answers being provided are helpful unless you can respond.

Questions that don't provide sufficient detail are eligible to get closed. And identification questions that stay inactive and unanswered for too long are eligible for deletion.

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