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All the elements you describe are present in the movie Jack Reacher (based on the Lee Child novel One Shot) except the date: Jack Reacher was released in 2012. The setup for the movie is an apparently random shooting, from a parking garage, across a river to an embankment which has a public staircase down which some of the victims walked. An ex-military ...


Night of the Comet (1984) starring Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney OP hits almost every plot point in Wikipedia plot summary in his question Starts in a movie theater projection room Boyfriend dies by monsters Sister shows up Radio station Another boy Mall Scientists trying to make a cure ...


This sounds like a scene from Body Snatchers (1993), one of several adaptations of a 1955 novel. The teenager Marti Malone is traveling along her summer vacations with her father, the EPA inspector Steve Malone, her stepmother Carol Malone and her young stepbrother Andy to a military base where her father will inspect some toxic products. In a gas ...


The movie is the "The Legend of Lobo" (1962). The movie takes place in the Southwest. Lobo's father gets caught in a trap and shot by the cattlemen. Also, at the end Lobo's mate gets caught in a trap and killed. It is a Disney movie.

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