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You are describing a scene from Top Secret: When Nick and Val reach the resistance, a high latch opens and a man appears through it. But when he opens the door, he's short (he's the guy on the left here). Here's the clip: ...


All these things can be found in Godzilla: Final Wars from 2004: Human-looking aliens that wear sunglasses (seen here) and never blink A protagonist (seen here) that slightly looks like Keanu Reeves A scene where a person is found to be an alien when people go over some footage and find out that they don't blink A scene (seen here) where alien monsters ...


Is it "How Not To Rescue A Princess"? Trailer here A russian film: A magical Princess in search of the Fountain of Youth enlists the help of her faithful crow sidekick and three famous but crazy knights to guide and protect her on a perilous journey filled with mysterious creatures and wild adventures.

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